In-Person and Video Sessions Available

Individual Adult Sessions (60 min, $126 / 90min, $178) 

Once I have learned about what is challenging you, and what your hopes and goals are for the counselling process, I will do an assessment that is tailored to you as an individual, and then we will proceed from there. Sometimes clients feel like they do not know where to begin and, if so, we can figure that out together. 

Individual Child/Youth Sessions (60 min, $126)

For children 10yrs and older. My process with children is fun and engaging.  It is emotionally-focussed and body centered, working to deeply validate what they are feeling, helping them to recognize what their body is telling them they need to do in order to feel better, and teaching them how to relate differently to troubling thoughts.  


Parent Sessions

(60 min, $126 / 90min, $178)

When working with children who are experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges, it is beneficial to spend some time with the parent(s)/caregiver(s) as well.  Together we can talk through the challenges and work on strategies to make home and family life more enjoyable and meaningful.  Sometimes parent sessions involve mostly strategies and other times they involve individual personal work or self exploration that the parent(s) want to work on.

Family Sessions

90min, $178

Family sessions can include a variety of family members - parents, adult children, aunts, uncles, grandparents. In family sessions, my job is to create and provide a safe space for individual experiences to be heard and accepted, and to guide family members to communicate in ways that are effective and relational.

Co-Parenting Sessions

90min, $178

Payment can be made by etransfer or credit card.
Most insurance companies will cover my services, however it is best to check directly with your provider. I do not do direct billing, but will provide you with a receipt to claim your cost.
24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment without charge.