It is possible to find ease and joy in life despite feeling like you are far from it.


Whether you feel like your life is in pieces, or you are simply trying to ease your struggle in some areas, therapy is an effective means to healing.  Clients tell me that they want to feel hopeful about the future, that they want to gain clarity, and that they want to grow. Some tell me they feel so overwhelmed or so shut down that they have lost touch with what matters to them. They tell me want to feel like they are in "good hands", being guided with skill and compassion as they explore past or present challenging experiences. My work is to deeply understand each client (or each family), 

and to create a safe space, without judgement, in which clients can understand themselves and learn new ways of relating to themselves and to others.

Having worked for over 20 years as a professional in health care (first as an RN and now as a counselling therapist), I have great respect for how uniquely challenging each individual or family situation can be, and I am here to support you.  I welcome you to contact me for a free consultation. I know it is important to feel like you can connect with a counsellor, and a brief conversation may help you to decide if you would like to book a session.

I work with Adults, Children (10 years and older), and Parents who are experiencing challenges related to:









Family and Life Transitions

Physical Health Issues

Pre and Post-Natal Mental Health