My Approach
Sunset in Mountain
in the
ever grew
from the
outside in.
-Richard Wagamese

In simple words, I work to get to know you, and to help you to pay attention to what you are feeling, sensing, thinking and doing, and then use strategies that bring about healing and growth.  If you want more on!

In my practice, I work from the perspective that people are shaped in the context of relationships and that it is through relationship with oneself and with others that transformation happens. I believe that the counselling process can foster mental flexibility, relieve emotional suffering, restore a sense of ease in the mind and body, and help clients to thrive.

My approach with my clients is collaborative (you and I are a team), attachment-based, emotionally-focused, neurobiological (strengthening helpful brain pathways and flow in the nervous system), and driven by your values; it involves getting to know you/your family and supporting you to understand yourself so that you can become more attuned with others and aligned with what matters to you.

My approach is also practical and down to earth. I hope that my clients become equipped to be their own therapist in whatever capacity is possible for them. Whether we work together briefly or longer term depends on what your needs and goals are.

Rather than working to fix or remove thoughts and emotions  I guide clients to notice and accept their experiences, while at the same time learning to make more room for the thoughts, emotions and sensations that are helpful and bring about health. There will always be ups and downs, but it is possible to find ongoing balance and vitality.

In conjunction with the above practices, I believe that a therapist's level of wellness can influence what is possible for their clients, and am committed to self-care practices that allow me to conduct my work effectively and with heart.

When working with parents and children/youth, my approach is also collaborative and practical, helping you to identify unhelpful patterns and encouraging interactions that promote both secure attachment and healthy individuation.  As stated by Bessel van der Kolk, a world renowned psychiatrist, researcher, author and educator - the parent-child connection can be the most powerful mental health intervention known to humankind. I have never met a perfect parent (myself included!), however I can support you to have more moments and days when you feel like a pretty good one!